The Breakover™

Nothing takes a toll on skin like love is on the rocks. If you’re reading this you are probably going through one of the most traumatic times in life. Break ups often serve us our most unglamorous moments. Believe it or not suffering is optional, choose to stop swinging between sadness, ice cream, weeping and self neglect.

The BreakOver™ is a program designed specifically to give you that beauty pick me, support and guidance while overcoming heartache from a break up, separation, or divorce.

Choose One:

  1. Waxing &Restorative Facial, or
  2. Make up Consultation, & One Hour Massage

Also Included:

Yoga Class or Personal Trainer
Nutritional Consultation and Meditation
3 Coaching Workshops – Relationship Cleansing

Relationship Cleanse Coaching Class:

The workshop provides you with the skills and tools you need to move beyond the hurdles of the past and embrace love today. The workshop is designed to help you: Heal past hurts and old wounds so that you are able to consciously move beyond negative relationship patterns, gain closure, continue on a path of self-discovery, and live the life or your dreams.

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